Get Freedom from Stress! The10 permanent Solutions

What is Stress? Stress is a type of bodies own emotional, physical, cognitive and behavioral response to different stimulus and situations which are found to be challenging and threatening. it manifest itself in several different forms such as physical problems Read More


Suffering from Anemia? Try this and get recovered within a Week

Anemia usually refers to a condition when the blood tissues are not able to maintain a normal hemoglobin concentration in an individual. This can be due to an inadequate supply of more than one of the nutrients which bring about Read More

Naturopathy a go to solution to all your health problems

The disease is not a condition of choice, In fact, it is a matter of circumstances which one falls in due to low immunity, unhealthy lifestyle, or coming in contact with the agents which results in illness. There are several Read More

YOGA – As a Modern Therapeutic Intervention

Yoga emerged from ancient Hindu scriptures as a discipline to achieve greatness among saints in olden days, yoga comes from a Sanskrit word “Yuj” which means union and in fact, it is a complete union of mind body and spirituality. Read More