Yoga emerged from ancient Hindu scriptures as a discipline to achieve greatness among saints in olden days, yoga comes from a Sanskrit word “Yuj” which means union and in fact, it is a complete union of mind body and spirituality. The union of this little consciousness in us to the ultimate higher storehouse of consciousness.

So the question is it really scientific??

Which we ask to each and everyone as we’ve grown skeptic in this scientific era

And the answer is YES it is a proven and scientific discipline and in fact, recognized by the Ministry of AYUSH, India and the extensive research over the days have established it as a therapeutic intervention

But you would rather ask what exactly makes it therapeutic? The answer lies on the fact that yoga is not limited only on physical aspects but has a more mental and spiritual aspects associated deep into its roots. These physical, mental and spiritual dimensions are the core to human evolution.

Yoga has different concepts linked to it, varying from the practices of Yogasanas, Pranayamas, Kriyas, Mudras, Bandhas, Meditation and several specialized techniques mentioned by several yogis in different Yogic texts .

One may ask why we would consider yoga when we have so many different treatments modalities and options available on the go?

The answer is simple neither yoga harms nor it has any side effects linked to its practices. It can treat a wide range of diseases varying from physical disorders and illnesses to mental and psychological disorders which are difficult to treat even in this era where we have infinite number of drugs and medicines. Yoga even has the core ability to treat disorders which are linked to human mind which cannot be diagnosed or explained by modern medicine.

It also provides us the opportunity to touch the highest aspects that is Self actualization which is explained by Maslow’s Theory of hierarchy of needs.

Yoga treats disease as whole which means that it cures a problem rather than simply relieving the symptoms. Not only the single disorder gets treated but when someone undergoes yoga therapy his body recovers from several hidden illnesses and complete health is restored to normal.

The human body is considered to be made up of 5 koshas and disbalance in these cores may result in disease also when there is disbalance between the tridoshas it may result into disease. Yoga not only purifies these cores but also maintains a balance of tridoshas and hence removes disease and ailments from the body and maintains the state of health in body.

When should one consider getting yoga therapy?

Yoga therapy can be considered in any and every disease conditions sometimes as the main stay or sometimes as an adjunct to other therapeutic interventions.

What are the Benefits?

There are several benefits which are linked to yogic practices these are

  • It helps in balancing hormones in the body
  • It improves the parasympathetic system and brings about a decrease in blood pressure, heart rate, and respiratory rate
  • It also regulates the metabolic rate of the body
  • Maintains skin elasticity
  • Also it helps in strengthening the body as well as improves posture
  • It also helps to keep body weight in check
  • Kriyas such as jal neti is very helpful in cases of cough and sinus problems
  • Practices such as sankhprakshalana are very helpful in cleansing out toxins from the body

And this is just a short list of benefits the offered benefits are countless.

Who to consider when getting yoga therapy?

In present days there are a whole lot of people who make claims to treat disease and disorders through yoga therapy. But neither are they qualified nor they carry thorough knowledge of those practices. Pursuing certification and diploma courses can make only qualified yoga teachers but not yoga Doctors. In India those holding Bachelors degrees in Yoga and Naturopathy (BNYS) are qualified to give Yoga treatments and therapies so beware and contact a Naturopath while considering yoga therapy.

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