SARG Nature Cure is an organization offering a wide range of services in the field of Naturopathy and Yoga. We offer several different treatments such as Acupuncture, Massage therapy, Yoga therapy, Fasting therapy, Physiotherapy, Diet and nutrition consultation, Yogic counselling for psychological disorders and other advance treatments such as colon cleansing and ozone therapy.

By the practice of Naturopathy, we aim to cure the root cause of disease and to promote the concept of “Disease Free Living” among common people. We provide treatment for several acute as well as chronic disorders ranging from Fever, Headache , vomiting to disorders such as Migraine, Diabetes, Blood Pressure and several other communicable as well as non communicable diseases.

Our Moto- at SARG Nature Cure

Our Motto “We Care & Nature cures” stands at providing quality and affordable health care facilities to each and everyone. We are ready to help you in every way possible to make your experience more comfortable.

Brief Introduction to Nature Cure

The science of naturopathy or nature cure is an age old science, and believes at curing disease naturally without the use of foreign substance such as medicines and drugs. It in fact aims at promoting bodies natural healing process to cure disease by elimination of toxins or disease causative factors.

Naturopathic Practice in India is based on the concept of holism i.e. treating the human body as whole or complete. With its major emphasis being on applying naturopathic treatment to a diseased person along with several yogic modalities used by our ancient saints.

Lifestyle change is a greater part of nature cure or naturopathy treatments where a person is asked to make essential changes in his diet, his daily activities and add include habits such as exercise to his daily routine. Also there are several different treatment modalities which are an integral part of naturopathic medicine. These are :-

  1. Hydrotherapy – This includes treatments by the use of water of different temperature at varied pressure in the form of baths, packs and douches. To name some of them are Hip Bath, Spinal Bath, Alternate abdomen packs etc..
  2. Yoga Therapy – This includes treatments such as Yogic asanas, Kriyas, Mudras Bandhas, Meditation and several other advance techniques such as Pranic Energizing Technique, Deep Relaxing Technique etc… to cure several mental as well as physical disorders.
  3. Diet Therapy – This incorporates different types of diet advised by a naturopath and inclusion or exclusion of certain food or its constituents from the diet based on a persons health requirements to overcome his disease.
  4. Fasting therapy– also known by the name – “The Autophagy Program” at SARG this is a proven treatment to cure even the most challenging diseases such as cancers , and its ultimate aim is to promote bodies self healing capacity to remove the unwanted material from the body, by the means of autolysis.
  5. Heliotherapy– This incorporates the use of sunlight to cure several deficiencies and disorders caused by the lack of Vitamin-D which is synthesized only by exposure of skin to sunlight. Also sunlight’s heating property and its ultraviolet nature in used in several disease conditions.
  6. Chromotherapy and Magnetotherapy– This includes the application of different colors and color charge water and magnets and their magnetic properties to promote recovery in a diseased condition.
  7. Acupressure and Acupuncture– Based on the system of meridians and channels located in different areas of the body, this treatment aims at restoring chi or vital energy by removing any obstructions in the flow path, fulfilling the deficiencies, and neutralizing excess of vital energy from different areas of the body and in this ways stores normal health and helps in recovery of disease. It is a great cure for different painful conditions as well as neurological disorders.
  8. Manipulative Therapy– Also known as massage therapy it includes different types of therapeutic massages aimed at curing several different diseases by either exfoliation, increasing nutrition and blood supply and stimulating the secretion of different hormones as as Noradrenaline and endorphins.

Feel free to contact us if you suffer from any type of disease condition we ensure your 100% support and cure for your disease.

SARG Nature Cure