The disease is not a condition of choice, In fact, it is a matter of circumstances which one falls in due to low immunity, unhealthy lifestyle, or coming in contact with the agents which results in illness.

There are several options that one seeks when they suffer from disease and illnesses. The choice of treatment is certainly based upon a patient’s awareness, his socio-economic status, and the availability of health care providers close to them.

Naturopathy is a recognized system of medicine under the Ministry of AYUSH in India. This makes its practice legal in the country.

The awareness and benefits of naturopathy are limited to a certain group of people, there are several Hospitals and Naturopathy institutes in India which produce quality naturopaths each year but the number is not sufficient enough to make it more popular unlike other systems of medicines. And thanks to quacks who on the name of naturopathy fool people and create a big question mark upon those who are well qualified on their contrary.

Are Naturopaths qualified doctors?

Like any other doctor, a naturopath undergoes rigorous medical training in inpatient care.

He/she pursues a medical degree in BNYS for a period of 41/2years accompanied by one year of compulsory internship and all of this accompanied by hospital training and practice.

Frequently there are several questions raised about the knowledge which a naturopath perceives and whether or not they know about diseases the way an MBBS doctor would know?

The answer lies behind the medical curriculum which a Naturopath perceives. Over four and a half years of study a naturopath studies subjects such as Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pathology, Microbiology, Community Medicine, Forensic Science, Pharmacology, Obstetrics And Gynecology, Psychology And Basic Psychiatry which in any way is not different from a MBBS curriculum.

But the list to what a naturopath studies does not ends here there is a huge list of other subjects which a naturopath reads along with these subjects are Philosophy of nature cure, Yoga Therapy(with is read and well practiced over the span of 4.5years), Acupuncture, Manipulative Therapy, Physiotherapy, Modern Nutrition, Herbology, Chromotherapy, Magneto therapy, Hydrotherapy and Fasting.


The practice of all these subjects was once thought to be pseudoscience which believed to originate from age old traditional practices. But now it is not so, the reality is that these practices are well established and are being proven scientifically not only on paper and clinical trials; but testimonials of patients who recover from diseases and records of their recovery proves their efficiency.

A Naturopath gets an ‘A’ class Medical Registration after he completes his studies and is eligible for practice as a General Physician.

Why consult a Naturopath?

Some people seek a naturopath out of belief in the system, some seek out of curiosity, and several others come to them when they have tried several other modalities and don’t find a suitable cure to their problem.

 In all these cases complete recovery from disease is observed along with alleviation of symptoms.

As naturopathy treats the human body as a whole and aims at eliminating the root cause of the disease.

The human body is meant to be healed all by itself only sometimes it requires help and support naturopathy only offers the same and creates the environment for its recovery.

Modern medicines has evidenced growth over the years and discovery of newer drugs have occurred over the centuries but still the side effects remain, long term use of drugs has lead to toxicity and an array of other problems such as organ failures or other health conditions such as the use of NSAID’S resulting into GERD, prolonged use of antidepressants has resulted into poor mental health and drug dependence.

Naturopathy is far away from these side effects and also provides an opportunity to restore the disturbed health status occurred as a result of unhealthy lifestyle, stress and modern day drug use. Naturopathy offers the basic support needed by the body to recover from a disease condition.

What to expect upon your visit to a Naturopath

Naturopath at your first visit evaluates you completely, looks after your disease history, does clinical examination and writes the necessary laboratory investigations which he feels are essential. He also looks at several aspects such as your mental health and you body’s physical status.

And finally reaches to a diagnosis similar to what all doctors do. After determining the condition he chooses the line of treatment which is essential for the particular condition.

Sometimes it may be required to be keep you under observation and if not necessary you are allowed to go after the treatment is been taken. Depending upon your condition a naturopath determines the duration of treatment which is required for complete recovery and you may have to visit the centre for some days.

Naturopathy treatment takes time because if a disease has taken years to develop, it would result in several systemic changes in this span and to revert this back to normal a good amount of time is required so that the state of positive health can be restored. But at the cost of a little time naturopathy offers complete recovery.

Does socio-economic status of a patient matters?

Naturopathic treatments are less costly compared to modern day treatments and it only demands a patient’s time, patience and belief upon the system.

The cost usually varies on the type of hospitals a person visits and services which are offered to them.

Limitations to scope of a naturopaths practice??

Limitations exist to practice of nearly every medical practitioner and so does to naturopathy. A naturopath has limitations when treating accidental cases and sudden conditions requiring surgical interventions and also to certain extends where diseases have progressed to such an extent where it cannot be reversed back to normal.

The requirement of time!

With the growth and development in each sector care providers needs to come together and an integrated approach is required to meet the growing needs of the population of our country.

The patients need to keep faith upon the health care providers and not to distinguish between them. Whichever choice you make, a positive step today can improve your health and prevent further disease progression.

May be out of choice or curiosity one must opt for Naturopathy and observe the quality changes the system can bring to one’s life.

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