“Are you Stressed?

Do you Panic in several situations?

or Does anxiety bothers you?”

Do not worry here is a quick solution to all your problems, Just practice this technique several times a week and you will observe that your ability to tolerate stress is accelerated, and you no longer panic or become anxious in situations of difficulty.

Quick Relaxation Technique - Sarg Nature Cure

Quick relaxation technique is one of the yogic relaxation techniques that are very helpful in reducing stress and anxiety which occur in daily life. What is good about this technique is it takes very little time to provide complete relaxation to the body.

Practicing this daily calms down the mind and provides it the ability to remain calm in situations where there is instability and due to which anxiety and stress may set in.

You can perform this technique at any time of the day and is very useful when practiced after performing exercises.

Let us have a look at the technique!

This technique is performed in 3 phases

  1. In the first phase, you have to observe your breathing
  2. In the second phase, you have to synchronize your breathing pattern with your abdominal movements
  3.  In the 3rd phase, you have to breathe with feelings


First Phase
  1. Lie down on your back
  2. Observe the movements of your abdomen
  3. Feel the muscles moving up and down
  4. Try to regulate the movement of your abdomen, it should be slow and regularized
  5. No strain, No hectic breath, just slow and steady breath
  6. Observe your abdomen moving in and out
  7.  Do this for 5 rounds
Continue to the Second phase 
  1. Now synchronize your breathing pattern with your abdominal movements
  2. As you inhale your abdomen bulges up and as you exhale it sinks down
  3. As you inhale the fresh and pure enters your lungs and as you exhale all the negative thoughts go out of your mind
  4. This is one round continue this for 5 rounds
Continue to the third phase 
  1. As you inhale your body gets energized and as you exhale the body gets relaxed
  2. Feel the whole body collapse and sinking down and becoming heavier, and as you exhale feel your body getting lighter and lighter.
  3. Release all the stress and tensions, inhale deeply and exhale completely
  4. Continue this for  5 rounds
  5. Relax for a while
  6. Slowly give slight movement to your toes and fingers and come back to normal awareness
  7. Slowly come up do not open your eyes
  8. Now rub your palms and touch your eyes and slowly open your eyes.

Here’s the guided technique just grab your headphones and follow the instructions

Practicing this technique has several proven benefits

  • It lowers Blood pressure
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Helps in maintaining normal blood sugar levels
  • Decrease activity of stress hormone
  • Increases blood flow to major muscles
  • Decreases muscle tension and chronic pain
  • Improves mood and concentration
  • Reduces anger and frustration
  • Boosts confidence to handle problems
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