Kalpa therapy

What is Kalpa therapy

Kalpa usually refers to the use of a single medicine or drug which is to be administered to a patient to reach the desired potential where it functions to treat a particular disease condition.

This is an age-old concept and the same concept applies to a situation where a single sweet fruit or a common beverage is given to produce a therapeutic outcome.  

In modern naturopathic terms, it is usually referred to as mono-diet fasting, the main purpose of this type of fasting is to provide the body a chance to heal itself and to cleanse itself of all morbid matter and toxins.

Just like what the body does during a fast, it takes a break from the process of digestion.

Digestion is one of those fundamental processes which require the maximum amount of energy during fasting the system remains as the state of rest and as a result body uses the extra energy to potentiate the healing process.

But unlike fasting where one does not consume any food, in Kalpa one consumes enough amount of calories to sustain a day similar to normal days of consuming food.

Some of the most commonly used fruits in mono-diet fasting or Kalpa are Bananas, Watermelons, Mangoes, and Melons, etc…

Mono diets or Kalpa therapy have many similar therapeutic aspects as fasting, and they have similar effects, but they are very less strenuous and can be easily integrated into a daily routine.

Types of Kalpa therapy

Based upon the choice of food and to fulfill the required aim, for which you are doing Kalpa one can categorize into following subcategories:-

  1. Single Fruit Kalpa – one can consume a single fruit during all his meals for example Apple, Grapes, Bananas, Melons, etc.…
  2. Any fruits Kalpa– where one consumes several different fruits during all his meals and no other food groups are to be involved
  3. Fruit and vegetable Kalpa – Combining both food groups in a limited quantity is the basis of this type of Kalpa  one must not consume these to achieve satiety  as it would rather be a raw diet and not exclusively Kalpa
  4. Cereal Kalpa – This Kalpa can be very calming and easy where one can choose to each cereal such as rice or a combination of rice with pulses in a ratio of 5:1, Other cereals can also be used but should be used exclusively.
  5. Sometime Kalpa therapy can also be performed on liquids such as Milk or Buttermilk which have several proven health benefits.

How to Get Started with Kalpa Therapy or Monodiet.

The  Rule is quite simple!

You have to consume only one kind of food for each meal, to maximize the overall nutrition.

When on Kalpa body, the body releases a minimum amount of enzymes for breaking down of food, So one should consider easily digestible items on a mono-diet or Kalpa.

Even a short Kalpa Of  1-3 days can be very cleansing and detoxifying, as it eliminates the morbid toxins and dead foods and replaces them with more nutritive and natural constituents and sometimes aids in the improvement of overall gut immunity.

Mono diet fasting can involve several food groups – such as cereals, fruits, and vegetables, liquids such as Milk, Buttermilk, and sometimes juices can also be considered under Kalpa.

Quantity of food and Duration of Kalpa therapy

Based on the type of Kalpa one can undertake either a single fruit or the quantity taken during each meal should be equal.

One fixed serving quantity can be taken 3-4 times a day with an equal time interval. If one feels hungry the quantity can be increased judiciously.

Usually, a short fast is advised. The duration of Kalpa sometimes depends on the benefits one wants to achieve.

A maximum of 3-7 days Kalpa is given on therapeutic grounds.

Getting into the process of Kalpa

One should start by consuming lighter and easy to digest meals before the beginning of Kalpa.

Depending upon the duration for which you choose to commence Kalpa the length of preparation is decided. The longer and intense the Kalpa more the time should be taken for its preparation. When going on a Kalpa of 1-2 days duration you just need to have a lighter dinner a night before.

Water – One should drink about 2.5- 3 liters of water to ease the process of elimination, a squeezed lemon can be added to water to increase the elimination from the body.

Activity –  one should go for lighter routines such as walking or doing yoga during the period of Kalpa. Strenuous activities are unadvisable during Kalpa. Also one must add Breathing exercises to their daily routine.

Rest – Get plenty of rest, take naps at several times a day.

Colon activity during Kalpa –  During the process of Kalpa several times the activity of bowel ceases for time duration and that is very normal. The bowels become regular and resume their normal course once we resume the normal diet.

Enemas can also be taken on alternate days so as to support the process of elimination but it is not always necessary.

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 The process of Kalpa-  once you begin you start eating the fruit or beverage or cereal of your choice depending upon the choice of Kalpa you choose to follow, You should take that single food group in a fixed quantity for eg. An apple for 3-4 times a day, a single fruit 4 times a day in case you do a fruit Kalpa.

Slowly and gradually you may not feel like eating the full quantity and achieve satiety in a small quantity do not overdo stop when you feel full.

During the process of Kalpa several types of healing crisis such as fever, Diarrhea, Vomiting, headaches etc… occur and these should not be suppressed buy taking drugs or medicines instead should be allowed to run a natural course and Naturopathic modalities can be taken to ease the process of healing.

Coming Out of Kalpa –

Once the desired period of Kalpa is completed 7 days maximum in case of a long Kalpa and  1-2 days in case of a short Kalpa.

Special attention needs to be given upon breaking it one must not jump directly onto regular meals but instead slowly and gradually begin by adding foods on a daily basis.

Slowly add some other fruit on day one and on the next day start by adding some vegetables to diet and continue with those for a day or two

Then slowly add boiled rice to the diet and consume them and gradually shift to a balanced meal. 

Please do not jump on high protein foods such as beef, fish or chicken as they may hinder the process start introducing small quantities first.

Remember that your body is completely detoxified and from here you choose to make better food choices for your health.  

If you’d like to sustain the benefits you received during your mono island and continue to heal, stick to a plant based diet abundant in fresh fruits and veggies. 

Confused about food choices?? Don’t worry Here’s a solution to help you

The choice on which fruit to do Kalpa can often be confusing. If you are new to a plant or fruit-based diet, you should begin with bananas, these can be taken because they are easy to digest are nutritious, are easy to get and are also cheap

Benefits of Kalpa Therapy

  1. Improves digestion
  2. Decreases bloating
  3. Clearer and smoother skin
  4. Brings about Mental clarity
  5. Aids in Weight loss
  6. Improves mood and concentration
  7. Imparts a greater sense of happiness and well being
  8. You start feeling more energetic

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