What does Constipation actually mean??

Constipation problems

Constipation is a very common condition, in the present days we can find a person suffering from it in every nook and corner. It is a symptom rather than a disease. In terms of its presentation, one may explain as a sense of incompleteness, excessive strain, or passage of hard stools during bowel evacuation.

But on a clinical basis, one is constipated when one is unable to pass stool for more than 3 times a week

There is no hard and fast rule about how many times passing the stool is normal as the frequency varies from person to person, for some passing stools once a day may be normal for some it varied up to two to several times a day. It also varies in some people as of 5 times a week. 

But the baseline which should be recommended is one clear bowel evacuation per day for good health.

Causes of Constipation-

There are several factors which may result in constipation such as-

  1. Poor dietary habits including fewer intakes of fibers in the daily diet
  2. Reduced water intake and lack of physical activity.
  3. Excessive intake of beverages such as Tea, coffee and alcohol 
  4. Overuse of medications such as antihistamines, anticholinergic, NSAID’s, and Drugs containing magnesium, aluminum, and iron are all linked to constipation.     

It is a very common geriatric problem these days and is more prevalent among women as compared to men according to several studies.

Symptoms you may have when you are constipated?

Constipation may be linked to several symptoms including-

Constipated Bowels , Gut Health and constipation
  1. A Bloated abdomen
  2. Painful Defecation
  3. Appetite loss
  4. Flatulence 
  5. Abdominal Pain
  6. And sometimes Fever

Persistent constipation in the long term may lead to several complications

Which may Include fecal impaction, Hemorrhoids, Anal fistulas, Obstructive Bowel Diseases, Diverticular disease, etc… sometime anorectal hemorrhages may also occur in extreme cases. 

Treatment of Constipation – The 12 Permanent Solutions 

Treatment of constipation 12 best methods
“The rule of thumb for permanent relief for any disease is to return to a normal natural lifestyle and the same applies to the treatment of constipation as well.”

One must avoid several foods such as alcohol, strong tea, coffee, soft drinks, pastries, cakes, heavy sweets, and junk foods and include raw salads, green leafy vegetables, fruits, cereals, custard, malted drinks and cooked pulses to the diet.

1. Correct the way of eating

Constipation treatment

Switch to a simple diet rich in fibers and add green leafy vegetables, 

Also one may go for a complete fruit diet for about a week which is very helpful in relieving constipation.

2. Chew your food several times to ease digestion

Remember that old saying to “one should chew food for 32 times. ” it actually points to the mechanism of digestion where chewing make the food easily digestible by enzymes to easily work upon it

3. Drink Hot water with sour lime juice and add about ½  tsp of salt to it 

4. Eat your meals at a fixed time of a day, also swallow a tbsp of flax seeds with water before each meal

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5. Increase your daily water intake –  

Regular water drinking is essential to maintain mobility in the gastrointestinal tract it not only helps in constipation but also removes toxins from the body one should drink about 10-12 glasses of water daily. Drinking water is also essential to maintain the body’s hydration as well as to enhance the absorption of nutrients

Remember that one should not drink water with the meals as it may lead to dilution of the gastric juices which perform the main role of digestion in the body. Drink water half an hour before and after the meals.

6. Grape diet-

Grapes are rich in several organic acids, sugars and cellulose which provide them a laxative property consuming about 400 gm of fresh grapes daily if not available

Eat a handful of resins soaked in water for about 24-48 hours in the early morning this aids in curing constipation.

7. Add several fruits to your diet – 

Fruits are not only easy to digest but are rich in fibers and therefore very helpful in treating constipation. But certain fruits should be considered especially when it comes to constipation

  • Bael fruit is one among such a fruit which has highly potent laxative properties. It’s continued use over the period of 2-3 months is capable of cleaning the intestine completely. Consume about 50 gm of fruit daily before dinner.
  • Pears are also one among the best-known fruits to cure constipation one can consume its juice twice daily or can exclusively fast on pear juice to cure chronic constipation. In normal cases, one can eat 1 pear just before lunch and dinner.
  • Papaya juice, as well as fruit when taken daily aids in constipation relief
  • Among other fruits are guava and wood apple which are very helpful in curing constipation

8. Fasting-

It is one of the most eliminative diets known to men, one can perform a short or a long fast to get a permanent cure for constipation.

One can fast for a period of 5-7 days on the water or citric juices which completely detoxifies one’s body after fasting one must switch to a balanced diet rich in fibers, and include all the food groups especially leafy greens.

9. Several Hydro-therapy measures are helpful in curing constipation-

  • Warm Water enema. ( To buy enema can Click Here )
  • Alternate hot and cold bath hip bath in the morning and before bed  is the best-proven remedy for constipation 
  • Cold Friction

10. Massage your abdomen with castor oil in the direction of the colon and drinking 1-2 tbsp internally is also very useful in relieving constipation

Correct way to massage for constipation

11. Herbal Remedies-

  • Drink Neem seed juice 150ml once daily
  • Haritika /Harda (Terminalia chebula) powder 3-6 gm with lukewarm water once a day on an empty stomach.

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  • East Indian globe thistle or Gaurakhmundi is also a very powerful laxative

12. Yoga for constipation- several yogic practices when performed daily are very useful in curing constipation-

  • These include yoga asanas such as:-  
  1. Pawanmuktasasna
  2. Shashankasana
  3.  Chakrasana
  4. Ardha chakrasana
  5. Vakrasana
  6. Shalabhasana
  7. Sarvangasana
  8. Naukasana
  9. Ushtrasana 
  • Pranayamas – 
  1. Kapal Bhati
  2. Nadi suddhi
  • Kriyas – Agnisara, Nauli chalana 
  • Bandha– Uddiyan Bandha
  • The practice of shankhprakshalana is also recommended once a year to completely clear your intestines and get it rid of toxin matter as well as old deposited fecal matter.    
Just follow these 12 steps and you will never suffer from constipation ever again.

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