Anemia usually refers to a condition when the blood tissues are not able to maintain a normal hemoglobin concentration in an individual.

This can be due to an inadequate supply of more than one of the nutrients which bring about a decrease in overall circulating hemoglobin.

 Absence of any dietary essential nutrient or its poor absorption in the body results in a state of nutritional anemia.

Some anemias may result due to lack of essential proteins or essential components such as iron, also the absence of essential vitamins such as vitamin B (especially B6), vitamin C, and vitamin E

When someone asks about the prevalence of such a condition in our country, the answer is pretty known to all of us the poor bioavailability and low iron density in the staple foods that we take is the major reason behind the cause

What statistics indicate is that its prevalence is about 30% in the world especially among the developing countries and is more among the females and growing children

But in India over 60% of populations are anemic and, The majority of this percentage counts on iron deficiency.

Let’s investigate into the real cause of this problem


The causes are very evident due to several reasons which are not uncommon to us

Such as lack of socioeconomic status, a majority of population belongs to lower-income groups

 Practices such as gender discrimination among girls and boys

Lack of knowledge and awareness about how to consume quality food among society

 And somewhere availability of easy palatable food which is nutrient less such as chips and chocolates which are being fed to the small children

In recent years growing psychological problems such as anorexia and the growing craze for Bollywood bodies, has become a major reason among higher-income groups

There are also some health conditions which can also cause this problem such as chronic infections, enteritis, Crohn’s disease, celiac disease, obstructive bowel diseases, malignancies, and many more.

And what to elucidate about the use of modern drugs and medicines which results in drug-induced anemia by either interfering with the folate metabolism or suppressing the B6 absorption in the body.

How to know if you are suffering  from Anaemia

There are several symptoms which can demark that you are suffering from anemia

  1. You may have pale looking skin, nails
  2.  You may feel dull and lethargic   
  3. You make also feel breathless on excretion
  4. Excessive hair-fall
  5. Headache
  6. Premature wrinkles on the skin grayish hairs and dull and tired eyes may be a sign
  7.  Also, you may have poor memory and your wounds may heal slowly

 Who to consider when you are doubtful about having anemia?

The answer is simple! 

Go and get it checked with a doctor today because anemia is of several different types.

Your doctor would get the necessary investigation done for you and suggest you the necessary treatment you would need.

Treatments at your disposal 


Just reverse your habits and follow nature and you recover faster compared to popping pills 

1. Change your Dietary Habits

In the case of anemia, prevention is better than correction.

A proper intake of iron in the growing years can aid in the prevention of later stage anemia. 

The greatest of all treatments which need to be considered on the first line is proper Diet which should be enriched with all the necessary nutrients.

All you need to do is consume a Balanced diet rich in proteins, Vitamins, and Minerals.

Avoid refined foods like white bread, sugars, desserts, packaged snacks, and beverages.

Always consider iron in its natural form, its use in inorganic form is potentially bad for health and is related to several issues such as destruction of necessary vitamins, causing damage to the liver, miscarriages, and delayed births.

Add the following foods to your diet – wheat and wheat grain cereals, Brown rice,  green leafy vegetables such as cabbage, carrot, celery, beets, and tomatoes. Fruits such as figs, dates, peach, apple, and all kinds of berries.

In addition to this consider adding protein to your diet which has great biological value- Add milk and milk proteins, pea proteins, pulses to your diet

Ensuring the availability of essential minerals such as copper is very important is an important adjunct in the formation of hemoglobin

Also, the roles of vitamins are inevitable consider adding B-complex to your diet also other vitamins such as vitamin c is very essential for the absorption of vitamins so include 2 servings of citrus fruits in your diet

Also consumption of foods such as beets as well as pomegranates are very helpful in anemia.

2. Drink This Daily

Drink 150ml of Wheat Grass Juice daily in the morning
You can buy the wheatgrass here 
Drink Beet Root Juice and pomegranate twice in a day.

3. Consider Hydrotherapy

When it comes to hydrotherapy,

  • A cold water bath is should be taken daily
  • A graduated cold bath twice a day proves beneficial
  • Cold friction and hot Epsom salt bath should be considered for 5-10 min once a week
  • Also, take a steam bath once a week

4. Go and reach out for the sun

  • Sunbath in the early morning should be taken for 15 to 20 min is very helpful

5. Yogic exercises

These yogic techniques are very beneficial in Anemia

 Asanas –

  • Sarvangasana
  • Shavasana for 10 to 15 min
  • Paschimottasana


  • Nadisodhana
  •  Ujjayi

6. Add these supplements to your Diet

  • Black sesame seeds
  • Tamarind pulp
  • Gingelly seeds
  • Coriander seeds
  • Horse gram with jaggery.

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